Our Story.

Lemiride - How it all Started !!!

Having traveled across a vast geography of our beautiful planet has given me the opportunity to see first-hand how difficult travelling can be if one crucial aspect of your plan fails. My love affair with the road started late. My first solo bike trip was in 2015 when I packed my bags and decided to rent a bike from Ahmadabad. My destination was Kutch and I was looking forward to a Bollywood-style ride through the white desert. This dream ride of mine came to sputtering halt just 2 minutes and 500 meters later when my bike ran out of fuel. I had to push my bike and my drowning mood for another two kilometers to the next petrol station. When I went back to the vendor and complained, not unexpectedly, the vendor shrugged and said that it was my problem.

Since then, I have gone on numerous bike trips – solo and group – and have faced several issues when it comes to renting a bike for my trip. These frustrating and often sweaty incidences had planted the seed of an idea that has today grown into Lemiride. Realization of this dream came closer when I met Chirayu on a rainy day in  Leh (more about this fantastic meeting later). Chirayu being an avid traveler himself and a full-stack developer had been working on several projects of his own. Our frequencies matched that fateful day and what a team we have made ever since. A team of two hyperactive and over enthusiastic individuals with a single mission of taking experiential travel to the next level, we have worked extensively to make Lemiride a platform that provides an easy bike renting experience for our patrons.

Renting a bike on Lemiride platform is not just the easiest thing to do but by doing so, you also become a part of this ever growing travelers community. Our aim is to not only provide you with a seamless bike renting experience but also provide a high standard of service post rental to make your journey a hassle-free and an enjoyable affair. After all, travelling should mean more than just opening suitcases; every journey should be about opening one’s mind and soaking in every moment that the road brings.

Our Team.

Preetesh Rane


Chirayu Mishra