Traffic Jams in the Land of Wander

| February 16, 2020 | Travel, Travel Stories

“See both sides of swing of life! It’s a crazy ride and nothing is guaranteed” Standing in the traffic jam caused by the landslide on Topsy turvy mud roads, it’s easy to wonder why traveler’s make such long and arduous journeys being on the mountain edge where one lapse in concentration can cause havoc.  On the […]


A Que for Sunrise

| January 23, 2020 | Travel, Travel Stories

“The darkness is at its deepest. Just before the sunrise.” – Voltaire Angkor Wat, Cambodia In that darkness we were awaiting the miracle of sunrise along with thousands of fellow travelers. This was special. We have seen lot of sunrises but never shared them with so many people in one place. But this was Angkor Wat, one […]


Riders culinary Delight

| January 24, 2018 | Travel, Travel Stories

What a gastronomical ride it has been!! Our first stop was Mangalore. The city treated us with the best of the fish, seafood and a local spread of breakfast , at a very pocket friendly rate.  1. Fish thali 2. King fish ghee roast 3. Squid ghee roast 4. Gol bajji 5.Mangalore buns 6.Biscuit roti […]


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