1. The rider needs to be 21 years of age or older to rent a bike. If the rider is under the stipulated age, his or her order will be cancelled without any refund.
  2. The documents mentioned below need to be verified, in original, for each rider.
  3. Document 1 – Driving License
  4. Document 2 – Passport, Election Card, Aadhaar Card. (Any one of the above).
  5. Two-wheeler bookings are subject to availability. Lemiride reserves the right to cancel any booking if deemed necessary.
  6. Rider should respect and follow Traffic rules and regulations. All fines issued due to rider negligence (rule violations) need to be paid in full to the penalizing authority by the rider.
  7. Driving under the influence of Alcohol/Drugs is strictly prohibited. Lemiride will not be responsible to compensate for any mishaps and their consequences in such cases. The customer will be liable to pay for all damages to the vendor for the same.
  8. The customer is not authorized to lend the two-wheeler to any person. Only the person whose documents have been submitted with the vendor is allowed to ride the bike. If the bike booking is being done by two people, please inform Lemiride and the vendor accordingly.
  9. Customer has to drop the bike at the same location from where it was picked up. Unless Prior Permission and Approval has been taken from the vendor in writing (email copy should be sent to Lemiride). If no such agreement has been reached between the rider and the book a bike service, no requests will be accepted by Lemiride or the Rent A Bike service and additional dues if any (loss of property, theft) will be solely borne by the rider
  10. In case a customer feels that they will be late for the drop, they should call the field executive or customer care and ask for a trip extension. Extensions are subject to availability.
  11. The Pick-up date, time and location cannot be changed once a booking is confirmed.


  1. Trip extension requests are to be made at least 1 hour before the drop off time. Such requests are to be made to Lemiride as well as Vendor. As per the booking schedule, they may confirm or deny the request depending on the bike availability. Trips can also be extended through our android app.
  2. Charges for Trip extension: The standard rates will be applicable for extensions.


  1. Cancellation Charges are applicable as mentioned below:
  2. 0-24 Hours before start of the trip – The entire amount paid by the customer will be charged as cancellation fee. There will be NO REFUND made for such cancellations.
  1. More than 24 hours before start of the trip – 20% of the amount paid by the customer will be reduced as cancellation fee and the remaining 80% of the amount will be refunded. The refunded amount will reflect in the customer’s bank account within 7-10 business days.

iii. If any booking is cancelled by Lemiride due to non-availability, a full refund will be initiated. The refunded amount will reflect in the customer’s bank account within 7-10 business days.

  1. No refund for cancellation of bookings post advance payment.


  1. The two-wheeler needs to be returned at the specified Date and Time as mentioned on the website/invoice copy. A delay of more than 15 minutes without intimating the customer care or Field executive will attract penalty as per vendor TnC.
  2. A Trip extension request is to be made at least 1 hour before the drop-off time. Such requests are to be made to the Lemiride Team and the Vendor over the phone. The request will be confirmed or denied as per the availability of bikes. Penalty Charges will be applicable to the rider who has rented a bike in case he fails to deliver it back to the vendor on time.
  3. In case of minor damages to the helmet, the customer is liable to pay fine as per vendor.
  4. In case of damage to the two-wheeler on rent due to accident/mishandling/carelessness the vendor present the rider with the appropriate charges. The customer is liable to pay the same to the vendor. Daily tariff of the bike will also have to be borne by the rider until the bike is ready for renting again.
  5. In case of theft, the customer is liable to pay, in full, the market rate of the two-wheeler.
  6. If the vehicle requires any repairs during the ride (tyre punctures not included), the customer needs to get in touch with Lemiride and the Vendor to confirm about the repairs. Only once he has the confirmation from the company will the rider proceed to do the repairs. The refund of the repairs will only be provided on a taxed printed invoice from the workshop. 
  7. For any cancellation or refund, it takes 7-10 business days for the refunded amount to reflect in your bank account.

How it Works (Customer Log In)

  • You need to rent a bike
  • Visit Lemiride.com. Register on Lemiride.com
  • Select the Bike you want to ride
  • Select the Duration of your ride
  • Find detailed bill structure
  • Make Payment through our portal
  • Receive the vendor details on the contact information you have provided


  • Lemiride offer self-ride bike rental service to our customers. 
  • Lemiride’s motivation is to ensure that, you find a bike you need, when you need it.
  • Register with Lemiride and rent a bike from any of our thousand vendors all over India
  • Once you have finished the payment process you will find all the relevant details about the bike and the vendor
  • Lemiride offers  quality vehicles and cost-effective bike rent solutions which helps us stay ahead of the competition.

Benefits For Customers.

  • Find exactly the kind of bike you are looking for. From the Make, Model to the range of Power. Our bike search parameters have been refined to make it easier for you to rent a bike you need.
  • Get Bike drop at your home or hotel. Or even at the airport. Save a lot of time.*
  • Receive a full tank of gas when you Rent a bike from Lemiride.com. Save a lot of time.
  • Register with Lemiride and find welcome a host of our promotional offers. 
  • Don’t be satisfied with “theek thi yaar”, we assure to provide more.
  • Our quality partners ensure that you only receive the bike in the best of conditions.

How it Works (Partner Login)


  • Unlisted stock is dead weight. Register with Lemiride to get the unlimited customers for your inventory.
  • Lemiride believs in fair pricing. You set the prices, and there will be no hidden costs from our end. Our agreement will be thouroughly explained to you by our representative.
  • Have control over your own listings. You decide which bike to list and when. You can choose to leave some bikes offline if you wish. It’s your platform. 
  • We work around the clock to ensure to provide you with quality customers.
  • Lemiride will bear additional responsibility of providing you with marketing material and help market your services online. 

Benefits For Dealers

  • Our payment systems are reliable and detailed. You are guaranteed to receive the money when you are due.
  • We ensure to raise your customer count by our own marketing efforts of your services on our Lemiride – Bike Rental Portal program.
  • The control of your inventory is in your hands. We will always be there to assist you if required. 

Dealer – Terms and Conditions


  • You agree to pay charges equal to 15% of your quoted price of your motorcycle to Lemiride Pvt Ltd for the use of our technology and marketing services.
  • Payment statement shall be generated weekly. Every Monday. The amount shall be transferred to your bank within the period of three days after generation of payment statement. 
  • No dispute claims will be accepted after the amount has been transferred. 
  • Delays in payment if any shall be due to bank holidays or circumstantial issues beyond Lemirides control
  • Lemiride shall notify the dealers about the bookings via email and SMS as per the details provided by the Vendor. There please do provide legitimate numbers along with alternate contact details.
  • If the Vendor takes offline booking, it his sole responsibility to notify Lemiride of the same. He can do so via email or text msg. The vendor should also update the “My Bikes” section on his dashboard.
  • Offline bookings don’t warrant any commission to Lemiride, information needs to be shared only to manage the inventory as efficiently as possible.
  • It is agreed by you to fulfill the booking once assigned. In the event of cancellation by you exceeding more than 10% of bookings assigned we have the right to terminate your services without any prior notification. A penal deduction of 10% per booking amount will be levied in the amount of each cancellation by you.
  • We agree to assign more business to you when rentals are quoted at lower prices. This means that bookings assigned to you will be inversely proportional to the bike rental rates as quoted by you.
  • We will pay you once we have deducted our commission of 15% on the price quoted on the website. We have the right to take the booking at any price as we may deem reasonable on our website. Any proceeds accrued by such bookings shall be the property of us.
  • We may also rent out your bike at prices lower than the quoted price by you on accounts of offers and discounts to our customers. Such losses arising out of such discounted bookings shall be taken us us and we agree to pay you your quoted price after deduction of 10% of our commission
  • You will not rent a bike to any third party at a rate lower than the ones quoted to us

Vehicle Servicing

  • It is the responsibility of the Dealer to provide fully serviceable vehicle to the customer. You must also ensure to maintain the highest level of bike quality through regular servicing and bike checks. You will also allow quality checks from Lemirides representatives from time to time. 
  • Lemiride Pvt Ltd and it employees will not be held accountable or be held responsible to claims arising out of loss to your rental vehicle and its accessories due to theft, accident, natural calamities, and negligence by any of the parties involved.
  • In the event of servicing of the vehicle falling due between assigned trips, you will notify the customer for getting the bike serviced in any of the authorized workshop. The sole responsibility for such servicing is on you. You also agree to pay the reimbursement for such charges to the customer directly on the production of a printed invoice,
  • In event of any conflict between the customer and the dealer, do not get involved in any conflict with the customer. Call Lemirides customer support and we will try to reach a resolution for the same
  • You agree not to charge any security deposit to any rented vehicle more than 10% of the ex showroom value of the vehicle
  • You agree to keep the security deposit and the documents of the customer in safe custody. Receipt for the same to be given to the customer at the time of the rent a bike pick up. Security Deposit and documents must be returned to the customer at the time of vehicle drop off
  • You agree to provide the customer the same vehicle which is assigned by us to you.  In the event of vehicle not being available, you can provide same or higher class of the vehicle to the customer for no extra charge to the customer. In such cases you must inform us. In the instances where you provide higher class of vehicle, a written approval from the customer will be taken at the time of pick up.
  • You permit Lemiride.com and its officials to have quality checks on your vehicles carried out time to time.
  • The customer has every right to check and inspect the bike before taking it. You are advised to cooperate for the same.


  • You Agree to display banners posters and other Lemiride promotional material as provided by us from time to time at the place where it is easily visible to the customers
  • You agree to maintain your inventory of rental vehicles regularly. You also agree to provide real images of vehicles, RC proof , insurance papers and other legal documents as requested from time to time
  • You agree that we do not to charge the customer for late return of rental vehicles till one hour of drop off time. If the vehicle is available, customers may extend their trip and will not be charged any penalties in such case.
  • You agreed that we may waive off security deposits for some of its esteemed customers. The responsibility of us in such cases shall be limited to the payment to you up to the amount of security deposits on behalf of customer (in case of damages only).
  • You agree to provide one complementary helmet to the customer. However if the customer needs another one, you can take the rental amount as agreed between you and the company.
  • You agree to provide the motorcycles on unlimited kilometer basis. This reflects that there is no restriction or limit the customer can drive and same is agreed by you.

Legal Policy

  • You also agree to pay all the legal taxes as applicable to you directly to the government.
  • You are liable to provide your correct address from where the customer will pick the motorcycle.
  • You are advised to take and verify the correct documents from the customer as follows-
  • Photocopy of Driving License.
  • One Original Address proof (Aadhar card, Voter ID, Bank Passbook, Passport).
  • Two Photographs.
  • Verification of age and driving ability.
  • Recording video, taking photographs at the site while pick up and drop.
  • Getting declaration from the customer in the written.
  • Getting Rental Agreement duly signed from the customer.
  • You are advised to facilitate customer before his/her booking so that they can get the correct status of the bikes. It will also help them to reach the pickup location easily. 
  • You should always be available at your location. In case you are not, there should be someone else available who can provide the bike from on your behalf. 
  • It is compulsory to provide a working phone number of your business to enable us to connect with your business seamlessly.
  • The onus to have compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements is on you.